Alla foton är tagna av aVera F, som jag tackar.


I was very pleased to be invited to judge the Sheltie champion ship show in St Petersburg. There were some very beautiful shelties entered.
I had seen pictures of Russian shelties before and admired them. Thanks to all the people who showed their dogs under me.
The venue was nice, a lot of room and not noisy at all. As there also was an all breed show at the same place it was interesting for me to look at dogs of breeds which I had never seen before. Big ones, looking dangerous I had a fantastic and clever ringstewart, Ivan, who followed me like a shadow. Extremely good english and competent. The dogs behaved well in the ring, some could have had a little more self confidence on the table, which could depend of lack of training. Start to put up your puppies on a table from an early age. I start myself at 4 weeks when friends come and look at them. The dogs were clean and in good condition.


There were a lot of blues with a clear silvery blue tone, the tris were black not rusty and grey and the sables were of a good deep colour.
In Sweden we have very few good blues but as I have collies of this colour I really appriciate this variant. Your dogs were extremely good movers with good forechests ( not so often seen today in shelties ) wellangulated in the back with low hocks, wellrounded ribs, long necks and good toplines and wellcaried tails. A sheltiehead should be refined and perhaps should some of your shelties have a little more refined heads with a sweeter expression but as far as I noticed they had flat skulls and wellrounded muzzles which also is very important. It is very difficult to get everything in a sheltie. When I am  judging  I normally  look at the whole dog, the type ( very important )  and the  conformation. But as a sheltie is a headbreed  you can't ignore these very important parts of the head, obliquely set and almond shaped eyes and a slight but definite stop.

I see in the catalogue that you have imported dogs fom some of the best and most important English lines and I'm sure that you will be very succesfull in producing puppies of the best quality with their help.


Over to the dogs

Från vänster
BIS Junior Marithall Yonona e Milesend Midnight from Lavika
BIS Unghund BIM Harwich Glittering Gem e Bridemoor's Sergeant Pepper
BIR BIS Ketrin Annabelle e Dippersmoor Dark Image
BIS Veteran Blek Foks Domovenok e Rockaround Night Ranger

The BOB puppy Mikelangelo iz Grafskogo Pomestja by Evad Spectre of The North -  I could have taken him home with me. He was in the charming age 4-6 months, very sweet and full of confidence, sweet head moved very well. Should have a bright future.

BIS valp Mikelangelo iz Grafskogo Pomestja (längst t v, e Evad Spectre of the North

BOS puppy Ketrin Frau Madam by Blomlane's True Blue -  a very sound sheltiepuppy with a lovely colour and showed well , very good body and bone for age, in excellent condition.

BIM valp Ketrin Frau Madam e Blomlanes True Blue

BOB came from Winner class Ketrin Annabelle by Dippersmoor Dark Mirage – stood and showed all the time, very good head, extremely good body, neck and topline, moved like a dream, very good angulation both front and rear, in excellent coat and condition.

BOS came from Intermediate class Harwish Glittering Gem by Bridemoor's Sergeant Pepper – a young tri dog with potential, masculine head, wellrounded muzzle, excellent body with wellrounded ribs and strong bone, moved very well.

BIS Veteran och BIM vuxen, hanar

It was very interesting for me to see the winner of Champion class bitches – Marithall Lobelia, as I'm the breeder and owner  of her father, CIB Bermarks Pride´N´Presence who is still going strong with me at 13 yrs.

BIS Junior, tik

I also liked both the Veterans -  Blek Foks Domovenok by Rockaround Night Ranger and Maritholl Izabella by Maritholl Starlet, who were in an excellent condition for their age. I love to see good old veterans  as I´m a veteran myself.

I also want to mention the Juniorbitch Maritholl Yonona by Milesend Midnight from Lavika – a very promising bitch with a lovely head and expression  and of  excellent type and shape.


The show with dogs and handlers after the show !!!  How funny !!!



I stayed in St Petersburg for three extra days, was a typical tourist, visited the Erimitage and Winter Palace, some churches and the Chokolate Museum. I bought two pistols in chocolate for my grandsons, got cought in the Security control at the airport, had to unpack all my luggage, try to explain that the pistols were made of chocolate, a lot of men arrived, no you can't come through, the chairman of the Security arrived, I said you can have a bit or lick at the pistol, stood there about 15 minutes, argueing if they were real or not. At last I got through ! A funny memory !


Thanks again for your warm hospitality and good sportsmanship !